David Opdyke

David Opdyke is an American and an artist. His works are overtly political and have a lot to say about the current state of his homeland.

Born in New York in 1969, Opdyke went on to get an art degree and has experience in architectural model-making, which he applies in many of his works. His artistic talents mixed with strong political opinions and biting wit have catapulted him into the midst of resurgent political art scene in the United States. With the Bush administrations and their corporate allies slashing and pillaging their way across the world, and America itself, Opdyke and other artists have seen interest in their opinionated art work skyrocketing.

In 2004 Opdyke was awarded the Aldrich Emerging Artist Award by the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum for his "bold innovation, exciting originality, clear direction, and serious dedication." The curatorial staff went on to describe his work thus: "Opdyke’s sculpture and multimedia works link criticism of United States foreign and domestic policies with views on globalization and consumerism. Opdyke’s meticulous eye and almost obsessive approach towards craftsmanship infuse his work with a utilitarian sensibility while pointing out the absurdities of American culture."

With the extreme right wing's continued hold on power in the United States, David Opdyke should have plenty of inspiration for years to come. Expect to hear more from him. A lot more.