Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter's work is dark. Darkly beautiful. The subject of her pieces ranges from murder to rape to loneliness and isolation. But the subject matter of her work is not what first shocks people - that comes second.

When someone first walks into an exhibit by Schaechter, the first thing they notice is that she is working in a medium which most modern artists simply don't touch. Glass. All of her work is done in backlit stained glass installations, which are displayed in darkened rooms. The effect is as striking as it is unique.

For many years, working in such a nontraditional medium meant that much of the mainstream art world choose to ignore Schaechter's work. But times have changed. After more than ten years of producing work, Schaechter is now represented by a well know gallery in New York City (the artist is from Philadelphia), her work was chosen to be part of the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and recognition continues to increase from both the art world and collectors alike.

Working in a medium that at first makes most people think of ancient churches, Judith Schaechter's darkly modern work has finally started to get the recognition it deserves.